Friday, May 27, 2011

Toys in the Basement

Written and illustrated by
Stephane Blanquet

Published by Fantagraphics (2010)

Where do all of the damaged and forgotten toys go to when children are finished playing with them? In this graphic novel by the French author and illustrator Stephane Blanquet we join two kids on an adventure to the land of lost toys. While attending a costume party a boy (unhappily wearing a pink bunny costume) and girl are sent to bring refreshments from the basement. Several toys are lingering downstairs and mistake the kids for discarded toys too. A torn bear, a robot with a missing arm and several other battered toys invite the boy and girl to come to a secret hiding place. After a long journey through a dark tunnel they emerge into a vast room full of unwanted and menacing toys (look at the cover to see the frightening appearances of these old dolls and action figures). These toys are not happy with the children who previously owned them! One of the girl's old toys appears, having recognized her voice, and reveals that the visitors are actually human. Will the kids escape?

This graphic novel import from Europe is a unique reading and viewing experience. I wonder what American artist is most similar to Blanquet's style? How would you describe the illustrations?  Would you be interested in this graphic novel if it were in the Creek library? Do you have a favorite graphic novel?  Please share titles and artists as comments.

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