Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Thirteenth Princess

Did you like this book?
Yes, I really liked this book. It was a fantastic fantasy book because it always urged me to read on. The book was about a girl named Zita. She was the king’s thirteenth princess. After Zita was born her mom died and the king always thought it was Zita's fault. She couldn't live with her sisters and her father up in the bed chamber. Zita had to live down stairs under the palace with the servants. Zita was always a servant. But soon her sisters start to get REALLY sick and Zita thinks it is magic. Every night the princesses wake up and go to a lake in a faraway kingdom where they dance till dawn. But this is killing the sisters. Will Zita be able to save her sisters and get back her fathers love? Read to find out!

~Emily B.

This book review is by Emily B. in Mrs. Johnson's homeroom.  Do you want to review books for the library blog?  Share your review as a google document with Mr. Cox.

Book Trailer from Harper Collins Publishers

An interview with the Diane Zahler.

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