Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hitting the Books

I've been busy taking two classes this summer but they are nearly complete. Now I can begin to turn my attention to this pile of new books from the Iowa City Public Library.

Do you have a pile of reading at your place?  Share pictures....

In addition to getting back to more reading I will be posting here more frequently.

A few posts back I wrote about using Edmodo for summer reading discussion. 

I posted a question today about your suggestions for magazines to include in the Prairie Creek Library.

It is very simple.
1.) Go to

2.) Create a student account using this group code for the Creek Summer Reading Club - ardukm.
You pick a username and password. If you choose to include your Creek email you can receive notifications when club members post new comments or topics.

3.) Then we get started!  You can post information about books,magazines, comics, or anything else you are reading or plan to read. Others can join in. This should be a fun space to share ideas.